This application involves large sheets of specialised self adhesive vinyl applied like a second skin onto your existing paintwork. For branding and advertising purposes this opens a huge marketing area for your company, as full colour images and logos can be reproduced and fitted to your fleet for maximum product awareness.

We have full in-house print and lamination equipment for producing quality long term and short term wraps to suit your requirements’ on anything from a smart car to a double decker bus.

The latest trend sees solid exterior colour change effects applied to vehicles to give them an up to the minute make over, without the need to re-paint to the required colour.

These include matt black and white wraps, gloss colour changes, carbon effect wraps, chrome effect and brushed aluminium. This application isn’t a substitute for painting but is the answer to achieving special effects and colours that you would not necessarily want to paint your car, rather it’s a great alternative allowing cool, different appearance that can be removed and changed up to 5 years down the line.

In most cases the vehicle is required for 2 whole days to complete, as we spend as much time prepping the vehicle as we do wrapping, to achieve that quality finish every time. When looking to get your vehicle wrapped be sure you are being quoted by professionals using only cast vinyl, if it’s printed then an over laminate must be included to stop the print fading within months, as with any service there are unscrupulous people claiming they are professionals but the results speak for themselves.